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We are a small Swiss
non-profit organization that heals trauma through art therapy
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through painting, drawing, music, movement, drama and more…
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We call it HeART therapy.
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HeART therapy heals your inner child and reconnects to your essence and your roots
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HeART therapy is for everyone. 

Adults, teenagers and children of all genders. 

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Each person, story and situation is unique.
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Our goal, by 2030, is to support the healing of 1 million people trough art Therapy and share their story.
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We believe art is the most powerful weapon for mass healing.
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It breaks down walls as art is a universal language.
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Art inspires
and heals the whole person: 
body, mind & soul.
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It’s transcendental, reaching across borders, race, age and gender.
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Art is systemic.


If one person heals, everyone around that person can heal.
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We’re a small, family organization. 
Learn more
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with hubs in Lebanon and Switzerland. 
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Our team consists of 

HeART therapists and HeARTISTS.

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Our HeART therapists are certified and work at the utmost professional standards. 
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