Following the Beirut blast on August 4th 2020, we launched Nafas, “breath” in Arabic, offering art therapy sessions to children and adults affected by the explosion. The centre is a collaboration with two local NGOs Beit El Baraka and Astharté.

The Art Therapy Centre Nafas in Beirut is composed  with a team of certified therapists provide Art therapy. The centre’s first objectives were to urgently respond to the psychological consequences of trauma caused by stress, anxiety and prevent potential Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other issues.




Art-therapy is a great way to help those affected move away from a trauma by focusing on themselves and their resources to help heal and prevent
psychological issues related to the trauma.



Art therapy uses active art-making, creative processeses, applied psychological theory and human experiences through a psychotherapeutic relationship.
It engages the mind, body and spirit to reach personal and relational treatment goals differently from verbal articulation.

Art-therapy facilitates expression in various forms and helps those treated to consider new life perspectives during a difficult time where only one negative perspective is seen. Visual and symbolic expression can help to interpretate experiences we are not able to identify or open up about. It allows us to go beyond the limitations of language.


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