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Mike Ayvazian.jpg
MIKE AYVAZIAN, art therapist


Born at the beginning of the Lebanese civil war, I felt compelled to be helpful anywhere I could. It started with a volunteering activities, a way for me to ‘fight’ the terrible things happening around me. But I also ‘fled’ in my mind: dreaming of being on stage and performing in front of large audiences.

I knew I had to find a way to bring together my two passions, theatre/art and social work, I discovered Expressive Arts Therapy.

I have also studied psychodrama (through the therapeutic spiral model) as well as clay field therapy and dance movement therapy…

And ever since the Beirut explosion, I have decided to devote much more time towards helping out those who have been affected, through my work as an expressive arts therapist and clay field therapist.

Having my own training centre for the expressive arts and spreading the practice and making community art a regular occurrence in all communities.

"Live and let live"

Kate Bush, sophisticated yet melodic, with many layers of artistry

Recently I was finishing a therapy cycle with a group of women who had been hit by the Beirut explosion. We were reviewing the therapeutic experience we had, and I was taking feedback from them. One of them looked at me and said: I am not ashamed to say it, I actually spoke to my psychiatrist and he agreed we should reduce the meds I am taking, and it’s all thanks to these sessions. Which prompted another participant to say: since you opened up the subject, me too, me too, I am taking less meds too for a few weeks now…’

I was very proud of them and what we had achieved together.

What is your story ?
Dreams ?
Favorite artist?
Favorite success story as a therapist?
Myriam Saadeh.jpg
“Our lot is to hope, andwhat happens today cannot be the end of time.”
MYRIAM SAADE, art therapist


Myriam is an actor, a theatre maker and a daydreamer. Born with a passion for the theatrical world, she sees each day as a moment to shine and make others shine as the main characters of their own stories.

She became passionate about taking part in the healing process of traumatized individuals while using Theatre techniques by giving individuals the possibility to tell their stories, express their feelings, solve problems and achieve catharsis.

I don’t think I have One favorite artist. Each one has touched me at some point in my
life and in a different way. Some writers such as Samuel Beckett or Herge are two of
my favorites (espercially after acting one of the characters they developed in their
books), Feyrouz, Abeer Nehme, Faraj Suleimani, Adele, Andrea Bocelli and Soprano
are among the singers that I love to listen to and enjoy the lyrics of their songs.
Eddie Redmayne is also among the greatest actors I admire.

I dream of owning a Theatre. Promoting this culture all over Lebanon not only in the
city since all the Theatres are located in Beirut. To be able to do the sessions in it
during the day and welcome people to watch a play at night.

As a therapist, I once had a participant who was not able to leave her house after a relative’s
death. On our first meeting, one of her neighbours convinced her to try one of the drama
therapy sessions with her. She became a regular after that day, being able to leave the house
only for the one-hour and a half session per week so that we spend it together. She slowly
processed her grieving and reconnected with her inner self while finding hope again. “I have
never tried such exercises. When I am with you, I feel that I am heard, understood and
comfortable. Keep doing what you do, it feels like magic to us.” she said.

What is your story ?
Dreams ?
Favorite artist?
Favorite success story as a therapist?
Georgette el jbeily 1.jpg
GEORGETTE EL JBEILY, art therapist

What is your story ?

Georgette El Jbeily, graduated from Balamand university Master degree in
clinical psychology, working as clinical psychologist at the centre, and an

outreaching coordinator. Her professional competencies are; Research,
analytical observation, outreaching planning. She loves to discover new
countries, new cultures.

Dreams ?

To have a Street Children Rehabilitation Center and for the prisoners.

Favorite artist?

Oprah Gail Winfrey

Favorite success story as a therapist?

A blind beautiful girl of 5 years old once said:” you teach me how to see without my eyes.”

"You become responsible,
forever for what you have tamed.! "
Aline el ramy.jpg
ALINE EL RAMY, art therapist


I graduated from Lebanese university with a BA in social work in 2010 committed to providing quality services to beneficiaries. She worked as a consultant in the training field with NGOs. She decided to continue her studies in music therapy with Bordeaux - AMX France in 2018. Since then, she is practicing music therapy in the mental health field.

Develop emotional intelligence of children and adolescents to build a healthier society

Asmahan and Feyrouz

"Enjoy your unique being! BE you! "
What is your story ?
Dreams ?
Favorite artist?
Favorite success story as a therapist?

A participant in music therapy sessions said

I was dead and I really feel after these sessions that I'm alive!

Stepahine osta 2.jpg
STEPHANIE EL OSTA, art therapist


Stephanie is our coordination assistant who holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from "La Sagesse" University.

Recruiting, translating data into useful information and reporting are her professional strengths. What keeps her busy in her free time is photography, hiking and biking.

Giving my life into a mission for the neglected people.

Annes Geddes (Photographer)

"Fall seven times stand up eight" Japanese proverb

In 2012, I was injured by an explosion in Beirut. My face was totally ripped off and I lost my eyesight for 3 weeks. This event helped me to explore the reason and the meaning of my existence, and the fact that I couldn't see for a short period helped me to see life in a different way. I couldn't keep this experience for myself and started to spread the word, of how our life is precious and valuable, in my family, friends and community.

What is your story ?
Dreams ?
Favorite artist?
Favorite success story as a therapist?
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